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Vlad Zhukov

Born on the 3rd of November,1972 in Saint-Petersburg in the artist's family. Having graduated from the Saint-Petersburg's Art School, where he showed special interest in music (used to attend vocal, guitar, drums and synthesizers classes,wrote song-texts and music) and later chose the career of a musician instead of an artist.Vlad,recorded his first music project - Russian/English album -"Tree of my Mind", which he wrote,produced,played and sang all by himself when he was 17. The next project,"Transparent Life", completely in English,was made in cooperation with the Georgian band "New Discipline".The album featured fresh arrangements and original polyphonic vocals. Later,one of the album's bluesy tracks was used as a soundtrack for the music video that gained certain popularity.In his following projects Vlad attempted to deny the achieved level,searched something new, experimented a lot in his strive to establish his own style,that could be described as a fusion of Trip-Hop and Industrial, sometimes being close to the aesthetics of the "Nine Inch Nails", and tending to bright melodiousness. As a result of these experiments the new "Secret Language" an album on the independent label "Hyperium" in Nurnberg was created. Mystical moods in music, as well as resemblance of his first name to the one of the Count Dracula, became the reason for Vladislav's shorted name's utilization as an artistic pseudonym, i.e. VLAD. Under that name he became popular as one of the leaders of the Russian electronic music as well as the advocate of the certain, very unusual sound perhaps closer to the "Future Sound of London". Before these two projects, Vlad wrote and recorded many experimental tracks that didn't find their place in any of the two. Vlad also worked on Multi-Media projects, composed music for TV commercials and CD-ROMs. He is known in Russia as an author of the great number of remixes, as well as the arrangement composer for many Super Stars of the Russian Pop-Music such as Alla Pugachyova ,Philip Kirkorov, Linda ,Varvara , Zara , Anastasia Stotskaya , Abraham Rousso ,"Ivan Kupala" and many others. For the time being Vlad works with famous russian musicians like Sergey Starostin or the "Volkov Trio" on the ethnic, avant-garde and jazz music. One of the main Vlad’s project is Georgian ethno-dance project "Sameba"
Currently he is working on the project of his own. And one of his tracks ( “Losing myself” ) is on the air of radio “Maximum”.
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