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Denis A Denis A. has first-hand knowledge that shining and beauty of the diamond will uncover completely after faceting. Being jeweler with hands, in which grungy metals and stones turn into luxurious pieces of art, Denis saved the most valuable treasure for himself and… for his listeners. Native musician with proper “faceting” was iridescent. In 2007 Denis A. show himself as a DJ for the first time, and after two years he reached the skills of highest degree.

First acquaintance with DJ techniques was completely accidental – Denis broke the silence by his own music set. The next day, Alentieff was eager for his new passion and he decided to buy professional equipment starting perceive the basis of the audio art. When Denis asked the shop consultant about how much time he needs to become a DJ, the answer was «Even whole life will never be enough for some people». That was a challenge! Denis A. never wasting his talent on small achievements and victories. He is a perfectionist with ambitions of great artist, which hears a masterpiece, when others don’t. Possessing all possible modern audio mixing technologies, Denis prefers vinyls. DJ believes that it’s a secret of his success. Person will understand, what he will have at the end of a day only by “feeling” the material.

Tedious and insistent search for new sound, clever piece of work with each track, honest approach to live concerts with help of Slava Shelest and Roma Pilot resulted in Denis at Megapolis FM radio. Each Sunday at 89.5 FM you can hear the Denis A. show called “Diamonds of dance music ». Buying newest vinyl releases, which are not on sale for public, in London, Denis flood the air with selected sound tracks. You will listen to the mixes for exclusive tracks of well-known authors and own mixes. Moreover, Denis A. is not ashamed about feeling nostalgia, and there is always a place for Depeche Mode in his playlists. Strongly attracted by progressive house with shade of dark and little inclusions of techno, Денис is probably the only one Russian artist – follower of heavy sound of famous British Global Underground label.

Perfecting his beginnings, Denis did not get used to stop at what has been accomplished. Becoming the best in one business branch, every time there is some branch, in which you were not noticed. That’s why name of Denis A. is shining by new edges of his talent. With amazing feeling and skills in audio mixing, DJ is a constant resident in two twin clubs – legendary Moscow long-lived “Neo” and Dubai club pearl “Neo”. If first residence is just a training platform, which is used for rolling new tracks and composition of the sets, then second club is a full-fledged concert location with etalon sound (Paul Van Dyk can confirm); Denis is one of co-owners of this club.

In 2008 Denis A. has started his own label DAR (Denis A Records) based on cult British record-studio Plastic Fantastic. First-rate distributor of dance content “Splinter Productions” signs a contract for distribution of music materials all around the world both in vinyl and digital production. The first release was in chart of Dave Seaman, it received flattering feedbacks from Hernan Cattaneo and Laurent Garnier. In a moment track Raver hit in DJ Tiesto set; track Cuba is on the lips and in the tracklist of BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound Radio and Kiss FM; debut composition Get it reached the «star» ears of Sasha, Dave Seaman, and Sebastien Leger. I love it was written by Nick Warren about CUBA, and forth single "TSUNAMI" was included in compilation "Black White Beach" 2009 from famous dance beach BORA BORA !!!

Main purpose of DAR is promotion of Denis A’s releases and remixes perfected by the most demanding artists including Wally Lopez, Solaris Heights, Robert Babicz, Style Of Eye, Pig & Dan. According to Denis’ plan, DAR studio is for recording tracks of most valuable remixers of our planet, which means that frequency of hitting the charts in extremely high. Being first Russian resident on Ibiza’s Es Paradis club, Denis A. hitches his wagon to a star. It is doubtful whether to name regular residents of dance floors “Space” and “Pacha”, but everybody know Timo Maas, Ferry Corstein, John Digweed, which are deejaying on this Spanish island just time to time. Denis is interested in this variant residency of high-quality level, when DJ makes a name for the club.

Participating in Megalive, Sochi Winter Music Conference (SWMC 09), appearing on Masters of Renaissance parties, Saturday’s Esthetic Sessions in Neo and Peppermint Experience rave parties, Denis is the summer of 2009, which is not exclude the specified direction. Starting from July 11, Denis A. begins a series of parties DAR Sunset Ibiza Boat Party (sensational parties on the boat, followed by celebration of sunset in the sea), he continues night sets in Es Paradis. In august Denis will make a debut in Republic Kazantip with brand-name DAR Session performance tested in Dubai.
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