deli olaram


Deli There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Deli is a japanese rapper from Chiba.

In 2000, he launched his career under the name Aquarius working in collaboration with GORE-TEX, Yohey, Bass, and Hot Connection.

In 2001, the single Akalien was released with help from Japanese Hip-Hop artists like DJ Masterkey, Suiken, and Macka-chin.

Since his start, he has settled down with Team 44 Blox and the group Nitro Microphone Underground, while still releasing his own solo albums under the name Aquarius.

2) Deli is a rock band from from Bursa, Turkey. They became popular after making the song "ös yeme g.tümü ye" which is against the university elimination exam in Turkey. Especially high school students and their families loved the band because of the song.
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