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Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith Declan Galbraith (born December 19, 1991, in Hoo St Werburgh, Kent, England) is an English singer of Scottish and Irish origin.

He has been hailed as a '‘once in a lifetime’' phenomenal talent and a rising media star.

The control and range of his voice, as well as his ability to interpret and adapt material of differing genres, are the cornerstones of his unique talent.

Declan Galbraith and his family live in the UK, in Hoo, a village near Rochester, Kent.

The presence for Declan’s unique style and distinctive voice can be traced back to his early childhood. He would often accompany his grandfather's perforances at local folk concerts. Declan would sit for hours just watching and listening. Declan claims he can remember singing at two years old. It wasn’t long before his family and friends realized he had a very special gift.

At the age of eight, he started entering local talent competitions and won sixteen titles in just fourteen months. He was spotted by one of the major recording companies at one of these talent competitions and before long he was signed as a recording artist.

His first recording was a version of ‘Walking in the Air’,which was released on a special Christmas Hits album which also featured Westlife, Elton John and Elvis Presley among many others.

In a short period of time, Declan had become a well-known celebrity and has appeared in numerous television programs, newspapers and radio shows all over the UK and Ireland. Included among some of his most memorable appearances are the following: the Queen’s Jubilee at St Paul's Cathedral, where he sang ‘Amazing Grace’ accompanied by the St Paul’s choir and at an Elton John concert where at least twenty-two thousand listeners were present.

To his growing list of credits is a Guinness World Record where in Belfast during a 2002 tour of 'Young Voices', he was simultaneously linked with more than 80,000 children from all over the country who accompanied him in achieving the world’s largest choral singalong.

Declan’s next significant career move was a signing to media mogul Haim Saban’s Saban Music Group, headed by Ron Kenan, who recognized Declan’s exceptional talent.

Two stunningly received impromptu appearances on Germany’s biggest TV shows led German media giant Pro7/Sat1 Media to bring Declan to its new record label Starwatch, distributed by Warner Bros. In cooperation with multi-platinum German producer Ully Jonas, the resulting album, entitiled Thank You, released on December 1, 2006.

Although Declan is a British citizen and singer, Declan is more famous and well-known abroad, especially in China, whereas his songs were chosen as part of the Chinese education curriculum for learning English. Declan's songs are used to help Chinese children learn English as his songs are easy to remember and suitable for children. In May 2008, Declan undertook a successful two cities tour in China, the cities included were Beijing and ShenZhen.


Released debut album 'Declan' on 29 October 2002
Won 'Best Young International Performer' at the 'Twenty-Fourth Annual Young Artist Awards'
At the age of 8, Declan started singing at local talent competitions and won sixteen titles in just fourteen months.
Recorded a version of 'Walking in the Air' which was released on the same Christmas album as Westlife and Elton John.


Declan (2002)
Thank You (2006)
You and Me (2007)

Tell Me Why (2002)
Love of My Life (2007)
Ego You (2007)
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