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Dado There are at least four artists known as Dado.

1. Dado is a italian humoristic singer.

2. Deedrah is Frédéric Holyszewski aka Dado, a Psychedelic Trance Producer originally from France, but now based in Ibiza. He has been trance productions under this name since 1995, with two albums so far: "Self Oscilation" (Distance /Questionmark Records) and "Reload" (Alien News).
He was born on the 9th of march 1970 in Melun, France. His father is from Ukraine and his mother is from north of Italy. Learning classical music since his childhood, playing piano and transverse flute, he wanted to be a biology teacher. Equipped with a Masters in Biology/Geology he stopped his studies when he was 25 years old to produce the early Transwave tracks.

3. Dado is a spanish band of kitsch music accused of eclecticism.

4. Dado is the name of the Uzbek pop music band
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