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Crayon Pop Crayon Pop (크레용팝) is a South Korean girl group which debuted in 2012. The five members are Gum Mi, So Yul, Cho A, Ellin and Way. The group hopes to take South Korea and Japan by storm with their quirky style.

Stage Name: Geum Mi (금미)
Real Name: Baek Bo Ram
Date of Birth: 1988.6.18
Position: Vocal, Leader

Name: Ellin (엘린)
Real Name: Kim Min Young
Date of Birth: 1990.4.2
Position: Visual, Backup Vocal

Name: Cho A* (초아)
Real Name: Heo Min Ji
Date of Birth: 1990.7.12
Position: Lead Vocal, Center

Name: Way* (웨이)
Real Name: Heo Min Seon
Date of Birth: 1990.7.12
Position:Vocal, Rapper

Name: So Yul (소율)
Real Name: Park Hae Kyeong
Date of Birth: 1991.5.15
Position: Vocal, Rapper, Maknae

*Way and Cho A are twins.
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