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Happy Birthday Amy

Happy Birthday Amy Since January 2006, Happy Birthday Amy has been hard at work making progressive indie pop in the Nashville area. Fronted by vocalist/keyboardist, Amy Smith, Happy Birthday Amy is a trio with Dillon Smith on bass and various other instruments and Miles Cramer on the drums. Often sharing the stage with others, Happy Birthday Amy invites a revolving door of horn players to their world whom they affectionately refer to as the Dirty Brassholes. Happy Birthday Amy strives with every live show to sound more professional, but also to give audiences what they crave: great stage presence!

In March of this year the band self-released their first full-length record entitled Sue. The record is a journey from start to finish and while this isn't a concept record so to speak, the songs definitely congeal and have a great sense of connection both lyrically and musically. Even from beginning of the record, listeners can hear the progressiveness of this band's ideas with the sensual percussive transition between tracks 1 and 2 performed by drummer, Miles Cramer. Sue contains a wide variety of indie pop songs that are arranged by the trio and include heavy instrumentation and strong composition. Husband and wife Amy and Dillon Smith work together to color the music using a wide variety of sounds and textures. Dillon, a multi-instrumentalist, composes skilled string and horn arrangements heard especially on tracks: "The Groom", "Disaster", and "When You Say", the closing track. After making the record, Happy Birthday Amy has adopted the term, "chamber pop," to denote the fullness of their arrangements but also dictate that these songs are at anyone's grasp. The band hopes over all that their music can be described as sophisticated without being contrived, full and beautiful, complicated and complex and a work of real musical progression.
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