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Cheer Advisory Council

Cheer Advisory Council Cheer Advisory Council formed in Adelaide, Australia in late 2008. At its biggest, the Council now boasts seven members, even reclaiming the bassoon as the rock instrument it always knew it could be. The band's dusky, smoky feel, with slow tempos and crashing crescendos, is reminiscent of the music of Low, The National, Midlake and Wilco. Their first album, 'Distance', will be released independently on 30 April 2011, featuring many group harmonies, some pop hooks and one big guitar solo.

"Sounding like awkwardness, contemplation, and romance, the Cheer Advisory Council transmogrify folk into wall of sound symphonies that would make Phil Spector happy. If only Phil could be happy."
(Dan Gladys, fivethousand)

"… conveying a very different kind of intimacy and honesty, with a sound that is at times smoky and atmospheric (Switching Sides) and at others bombastically hymnlike (Accommodating)."
(Walter Marsh, Purple Prose)"

"Both semi-acoustic and cinematic in its scope with sweeping strings, group harmonies, sparsely plucked guitar, bass, keys and light drum fills... Quite simply Cheer Advisory Council is Ben Revi and friends banging out one hell of an epic soundtrack to a life not necessarily lived in regret, but one lived in constant fuckup, faux pas and heartfelt apology. Think of them as "Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Musical!" only at least ten times better than that actually sounds."
(Spoz, Spoz's Rant)
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