Eitan Carmi

Eitan Carmi Eitan Carmi really needs no introduction. As a veteran of the Electronic Dance Music Industry with his high energy trance productions, five (5) artist albums, multiple World tours performing his dynamic live shows to thousands (if not millions), Eitan has well secured his place in dance music as Fatali.

Long wanting to diversify and broaden his production repertoire from the Fatali psychedelic trance live show performances hes very well known for, an after-party of Australias famed Maitreya Festival in Melbourne allowed the dawning of Eitans new musical act. With the Festivals concept of encouraging self-expression and freedom, Eitan literally exemplified Maitreyas mission and played together with his esteemed Swedish colleagues and friends Minilogue (Sebastian Mullaert & Marcus Henriksson, aka Son Kite) a Progressive House/Tech-House/Minimal Techno act. Eitans new diverse DJ concept was born!

With an ever-increasing passion for the slower, deeper and more progressive house beats, its appeal allured Eitan to quickly expand his production repertoire incorporating this ilk of EDM to his Discography. With a fabulous and full Summer tour organized by Mother Productions & Light Music Japan, it was the outstanding SOS Festival (in 2008) where Eitan Carmi made his debut under the aptly named moniker Deeper, launching his second appearance (to that of his famed Fatali show) on the same bill.

Unlike his more seasoned peers, at just 25 years of age, Eitan with his now new second project crossed over to the Progressive House realm, emerging in a not so Subtle way with his first single that was quickly snapped up by and signed to Contrast Records. Before too long, Eitan Carmi created a quality handful of musical gems all distinctive of the Fatali uniqueness, though with a groovy deeper progressive house feel. Not surprisingly, Eitans tracks, all released on his own music label Fatali Music were welcomingly received and supported by artists who appreciate the melodic and lushly harmonious deep grooves from Armin Van Buuren , Markus Schulz , Flash Brothers , Ibiza Global Dance Radio to name a few.

A number of remixes, collaborations, and EPs later, with Iboga Records signing Blazed for Set:11 Frequent Itinerant compiled by J00F, not to mention a Bacardi, Coca-Cola, and Corona-sponsored tour of America (2010), Eitan Carmi has well and truly established his Deeper sound with promisingly progressive aural presents for dance floors around the World.
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