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BTR BTR was founded in 1993 in Sofia when Kiril Bojkov (guitar), Ivan Kalfov (bass) and George Milev (drums) invited Slavcho Nikolov (guitars, vocals) and Nasko Penev (vocals) for the recording of an album targeted at the Western European market. “Feel the life” is later promoted during a tour in Southern France. The band is warmly accepted there and even invited for a second time during the next year. After the French endeavor the band returns to Bulgaria and becomes the best young rock band in the country with multiple concerts and participations. They demonstrate great live performance charisma as well as the ability to play and “breathe as one”. After a tragic accident with their drummer that leaves him disabled for years the boys record their “B.T.R ’97” using the services of Alexander Karandzulov. The album becomes a best-seller in Bulgaria and all songs top different charts of radio and television stations. It was not until 1998 when Ilian Dikov, the band’s present drummer joins in, replacing Alexander. B.T.R then publish “Salvation” which is acknowledged as the anthem of every anti-drug campaigns in the country, gaining approval in almost all age groups. During the next 2 years B.T.R performs at more than 500 concerts and events and present their new single “Flower from the Moon”, which later becomes a number 1 hit once their full album “Dreams” is published. In the meantime the B.T.R extend their international experience performing in Greece (Ardas ’99), Romania (Golden Stag), three times invited to perform at the famous Astoria Hall in London, GB (’01, ’02, ’03), invited to the Nanning Music Fest in China in 2002 where they perform in front of more than 100,000 people, 3 concerts in Germany (Koln, Bohn and Berlin). In 2004 they performed as guests on the enormous Asian music forum in Beijing, China – “Meet in Beijing”. Later this year they also performed in Vietnam, side by side with the most famous Vietnamese stars “MTV” and “666 trio”. After the completion of their last album “The Game”, B.T.R organize a huge spectacle together with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple). This turns out to be the biggest indoors rock concert in Bulgaria. On the 08/12/04 B.T.R invite John Lawton (Uriah Heep) to perform alongside them and add another superstar to their stage list, along with names like Fish, Leo Sayer, Chris Thompson, SAS Band, Bonnie Taylor, The Tremelos, The Rubbets, Boney M, No Mercey, Eruption, Chris Norman, Iron Maiden, etc.
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