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It's Not Not

It's Not Not It's not not hasn't stopped playing since their birth just a couple of years ago, combining the bands' gigs with their other projects: Standstill in the case of Ruben (guitar) and Piti (drums) and Tokyo Sex Destruction (Raul, bass). Adding Joel on vocals (ex frontman of classic emo band Dies Irae), their debut "Giving everything!" (Bcore, 04) had an excellent response by indie press, and their performances just can't help making them have more and more enthusiastic fans, who enjoy their sense of party, unpredictableness, dancing and humour. Besides all this, a totally contemporary conception of rock, lacking of prejudices and ortodoxy. A sound perfectly shown in their debut, and intelligently developed into a more solid ground, far more rich in details and made with the confidence and cleverness of those who've had a large experience in playing and making interesting records. With "No time for jokes" (Bcore, 05) they are no longer a promise after their three european tours in two years (!!), and their discurse between surrealism and noctambulism goes far beyond the nasty world of trendyness which makes them laugh... and dance!
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