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Baraka There are at least three bands with this name:

1. A Japanese rock trio

Baraka formed in Tokyo in 1997 with three members: Shin (bass and vocals), Issei (guitar and vocals) and Max (drums).

The band's blood is primarily Progressive rock, with elements of jazz, funk and blues. They create their own unique musical idiom in which an aggressive and thrilling presentation is combined with a freewheeling performance style.

2. A Turkish band (no translation available)

3. A funk band from Los Angeles in the early 1970s. They had a track titled "Sower of Seeds" on a compilation titled Funky L.A.. Lost Funk & Rare Grooves From The Los Angeles Underground 1970-1975
The Story of Baraka

It starts when some teenagers who are playing in a high school orchestra want to compose the rhythm of the band with their heartbeat in 2003. With a new member, they focus on preparing their first concerts under the name of “BaRocka”.

In 2005, on Monday the 19th of September, they perform their debut concert. After the performance, they concentrate their tune on their songs. At this time, “Dogmayacak Ask”, “Dusundum Durdum”, “Derin” and “Siyah Korku” are composed.

In 2006, they perform two big gigs. The 6th of August at Eynal Hot Springs and the 29th of August at Simav Traditional Festival. They share their songs with their fans in these concerts and reach more and more people. While they are practicing hard for the Concerts, they try to record their songs at their home-studio. They attend the song competition “ Nokia Super Sound ‘06” with the song “Siyah Korku”

Words from the sorrow Tunes from the pain The melody we draw Screams are in vain The beats we follow For the life to gain…

In the end if you have a question “ who is Baraka ?” This is the shelter, we harbor…

Vocal/Guitar/Bass : Sefa Kırlı
Guitar/Bass : Serhat Duzcu
Guitar/Bass/BackVocal : Anıl Teke
Drums : Mehmet Mert
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