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Ave More bands are named Ave.

1) From the Ave Myspace page @ http://www.myspace.com/avemusic i says that Ave is a slowly drowning classical ensemble, posthumously covered by a precious little indie-pop outfit, and then resurrected ninety years later by trip-hop band Portishead. Or if Sigur Ros wrote an album in a Manhattan storm while going through the final stages of drug rehabilitation for opium.

2) From the AvE Myspace page @ http://www.myspace.com/ave it says that AvE is a talented rapper from the Bronx that plans to bring his hood back to rap prominence. "I feel like the Bronx has been forgotten in the game: Everybody can look at New York as the mecca of hip hop but it's almost like the Bronx isn't included when they start naming what boroughs are hot. I got love for my city but everyone names Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Staten island and the Bronx seems to be left out. I want to shine some light back on the borough that started it all." AvE has since the age of 16 been working towards that goal. He has an energetic flow, a versatile style and that "New-New York Swag" as he calls it.

3) Ave is an Ecuadorian band from Guayaquil city. They play a rock music influenced by pink floyd, zeppelin, spinetta, and other latin rock artists. Stanley Parker and Ricardo Pita as the main structure of the band and composers.

4) AVE. Una banda compuesta por cinco muchachos y dirigida por Adrián Roberto, hijo de Jesús Adrián Romero.
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