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Kimnowak KIMNOWAK was formed in Budapest in 1994. All three founding members knew each other from the underground music scene of Budapest in the 80s. Singer Peter Novak (1970) and bassist Gergely Nagy (1969) had been playing together since their secondary school years; their first band (A CÉG) named after the nickname of the secret police (The Firm) was formed in 1984 and was successful among the members of their age bracket the vivid, mostly "clandestine" new wave and underground rock scene of Budapest. Novak and Nagy were joined by guitarist-songwriter György Pribil (1967) who previously played in several bands and was known by his innovative, creative, Hendrix-inspired style. Rasta-haired, left-handed Pribil soon became an emblem of the band.

In the past ten years, KIMNOWAK released six albums, made several nationwide tours and received several awards for their work. Though it's not easy to reach international success from a small county with an isolated language, KIMNOWAK also has some international credit: winners of Radio France's international music contest (Rock and Pop in the East) in 1997, appearances in MTV Europe and MCM, shows in the neighbouring countries.

With their lively music inspired both by rock'n roll and folk, and with their full swinging stage performance KIMNOWAK is one of the most interesting rock bands in the last decade of Hungarian popular music.
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