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Shim Hyun-jung

Shim Hyun-jung The Last Waltz in “Old Boy”. It was with this incredibly catchy tune that Shim Hyun-Jung first won the recognition of the film industry and gained unprecedented popularity - once released, this track became one of the biggest classics of Korean film music, loved by many from all around the world.

The idea behind her film music is putting the most suitable music to the right scene, transmitting the implicit messages of the film. Her priority in scoring is the amplification of story and character, using innovative musical effects. With her solid training in classic music, she freely exploits various music styles such as electronic, jazz, and pop, in a refined combination of sounds that can be heard in such films as “Old Boy” and “Everybody Has a Secret”.

With “World of Silence” and “Once in a Summer”, she shows a ripened cinematic sensibility, while keeping to her principles: making music that is relevant to the whole story and facilitating the public’s empathy and compassion towards the character.

The very characteristic of her music can be defined as using seemingly different things in a harmonious way. Seeing her career path, that’s not surprising at all. With classic music composition degree on her belt, she went to New York, the mecca of intellectual film where she studied Film Music. Meanwhile, she developed her own style of music which compass classic to popular music, asian sensitivity to western modernity. All this process can be resumed as her endeavor to find the easier way to communicate with larger public. Naturally, she seeks for her inspirations where ordinary people breathe, but she knows how to transform them into music which touches a person’s heartstring.

She doesn't like dwelling on the past. From a thirst for sharing her universe with the public, Shim aspires to extend her own boundaries beyond film to theater, dance, the concert platform, television, games, etc.
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