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Paragon There are at least 6 artists with the name Paragon:

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1. Paragon: A German Heavy/Speed Metal Band
2. Paragon: A Swedish rapper
3. Paragon: An alias used by Michael Kohlbecker
4. Paragon: A Michigan based quartet
5. Paragon: A Dutch Rock band from Utrecht
6. Paragon: An American microtonalist and dance music producer
7. Paragon: A band from Gibraltar, mixing rock, funk and hip-hop

1) The German Heavy Metal Band Paragon was founded in 1990 by guitar player and main songwriter Martin Christian. In 1992, long before any “True Metal Hype” Paragon recorded their first demo tape “MAELSTROM OF DECLINE” and played first live shows. 1994 the band released the “INTO THE BLACK” Mini CD and received good reviews in the Metal press all over Germany. At the end of 1994 Martin had written enough songs to record the first “official” release “WORLD OF SIN”. Today Paragon is one of the leading bands within German metal.


* Andreas Babuschkin - Lead Vocals
* Martin Christian - Guitars, Backing Vocals
* Günny “Gunman” Kruse - Guitars
* Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals
* Christian Gripp - Drums

Former members

* Chris Barena (1990-1994)
* Kay Carstens (1994-1996)

* Frank Hellweg (1990-1991)
* Marcus Cremer (and Bass) (1991-1993)
* Wolfgang “Woko” Köhler (1993-1994)
* Tommy Eichstädt (1995-1996)
* Daniel Görner (1995-1996)
* Claudius Cremer (1996-2003)

* Dirk Sturzbecher (1990-1995)
* Uwe Wessel (1995-1996)
* Jan Bünning (1996 - 2007)

* Kay Neuse (1990-1996)
* Markus Corby (1996-2005)


2) Paragon (Simon Molin), Swedish rapper from Södermalm, Stockholm. Member of the group (and record) Hemmalaget. Former member of the "Royal Blood" collective, when he was rapping in English, but switched to English around 1999. The texts are often about the hometown Stockholm. Cousin of the Swedish singer Agnes Carlsson.


* Stadsbarn (album, 2003)
* Ni borde älska mig (mixtape, 2004)
* Löftet (album, 2005)
* Nästan berömd (mixtape, 2006)
* Länge leve laget (mixtape, 2007)
* Glöd (album, 2008)


* P Gonzarelli
* Prinsen av huvudstan
* Gon Travolta
* G O N


3) Paragon is an alias used by Michael Kohlbecker (Eternal Basement, Fünf D, Magnat, Masun, S.M.I².L.E., Subscientists) between 1993 - 1997.


4) Dearborn, Michigan based quartet - former school mates at Divine Child High School having released a single album “Saladays” in 2006.

Lead Guitar - Chris Moylan and Keegan Deboer
Vocals and Bass - Ben Wiedmaier
Drums - Greg Hatty

5) The Dutch Rock Band Paragon was founded in 1993 by guitar player Erwin van der Ven and bass player Jeroen Verkroost, as a new incarnation of their previous band Pentagon (1989 - 1992). In 1992, Paragon recorded their first demo tape and played first live shows. The repertoire was crossover progressive/heavy rock. In 1993 the band was joined by singer Freek Paardenkooper and switched to a lighter style of Rock with some Grunge influences. In 1995 Drummer Koos de Wit joined and Paragon released an EP with 5 tracks. These were re-recorded for the 1997 “BALANCE THE SCALES” CD, which received good reviews in the Dutch press. Paragon toured the Dutch small-club circuit extensively until early 1998, after which the band disbanded.



* Freek Paardenkooper - Lead Vocals
* Erwin van der Ven - Guitars, Backing Vocals
* Jeroen Verkroost - Bass, Backing Vocals
* Koos de Wit - Drums

Former members

* Kees van Es (1993-1994)
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