Zumerchas ft Aragon Yamaney part 2


Aragon There is more than one band associated with the name Aragon:

1. Aragon is a bestial black metal band from Poland, formed in 1992 by vocalist/drummer Daren (also in Anaboth). As for 2014, they released one demo, one full-length, four split-albums and one EP.

2. Aragon is a Japanese band that released two albums in 1985.

3. Aragon is a thrash metal band from USA, formed in 1984. They released only one full length album, Aragon, in 1988.

4. Australian band with strong influence from MARILLION and some of GENESIS. Many long compositions, modern sounding keyboards feature prominently and usually the drums are performed by a drum machine. The high range vocals feature in the music.

5. A German power metal band which has released one album, 'Eternal Quest'. The line up is
Matthias Schmitt - vocal
Dieter Marquardt - keys
Stefan Surbir - guitar
Marco Mende - bass guitar
Frank Rowley - drums
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