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Zero Zero

Zero Zero More than one artist shares this name:

1) Zero Zero is a blend of electronic outdated aesthetic and rock band from New Jersey. Formed by members of punk band Lifetime, Dave Idea and Ari Katz.
They recorded the album onto a regular PC using outdated synthesizers such as the Farfisa VIP 755. The only single was the opening track, True Zero. Their style was based on their love for AM radio. In July 2006, Zero Zero released a limited 7" called "Time and Space" with two previously unreleased tracks (A: Nein Nein / B: Like A Killer) on Run Roc Records. Tannis Kristjanson and Ari Katz also play together in Miss TK and the Revenge

2) Zero Zero was an 80's rock band from Scotland in the UK.

Steve Doherty - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Duncan MacRae - Lead Guitar
Andy McCafferty - Bass Guitar
Joe James - Drums
Dave Ramsay - Keyboards

3) Zero Zero was a born and bred UK rave duo straight from the heart of the early 90s scene. Zero Zero consisted of members Simon Robinson and Mark Grant. The duo, active between 1990 and 1992, gained popularity throughout the early UK rave scene with hits such as Zeroxed as well as The Sanity Clause. The entirety of Zero Zero's discography resides with Kickin Records.

4) Zero Zero (later known as The Alex Perry Band) were a New Wave/Rock band formed by Alex Perry (guitar/vocals), Angus Charlton (drums) and Dave Wilson (bass).

5) Zero Zero is an electro-fuzz band created by singer/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne, guitarist Michael Johnny Walker, and drummer Nick Ramirez. Zero Zero had an early demo of the single "Drug" go into regular rotation on Phoenix radio unexpectedly in June 2012 when Laurenne gave the demo to a disc jockey during a live interview. The demo soon began spinning regularly on commercial specialty radio shows out of San Francisco, Boise, Phoenix, and Berlin. Zero Zero’s self-produced debut album, MAYDAY, was released on October 5, 2012, by Atomic A Go Go Records on limited-edition collector’s flip drives and digital downloads.

6) Zero Zero is a Swedish punk rock band from the city of Stockholm.
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