Beatmongers 2 artists go by this name

1.)The BEAT MONGERS are producers who create music using studio hardware, live instruments and vocalists. Theyre also a collective of musicians and artists who perform and organise musical events.

Mainly dance and urban orientated, includes Hip Hop, Drum & bass, House, Garage, Grime, RnB, Breakbeat, Electronica, Broken beat and more. Their music is often lead beats or chord progressions.

A fish monger is in the business of selling fish, an iron monger works with iron. The beat mongers are in the business of beats

HISTORY right from day one:
The 2 main members Chiedu and Gianalberto started out in spring 1999 at secondary school using the old Atari ST computers ( normaly used by Chiedu for his music GCSE work)to make dance music.
They soon joined forces with other artists at EC1 such as Yilmaz Korkmaz aka AK09, a Turkish rapper/producer.

In 2004 they created a basement studio in Hoxton (east central London) and have since produced and independently released test/promo albums.

To produce and remix music for themselves and other established artists.
To earn recognition and respect from like minded producers, djs, artists in the music scene.
To become established artists in their chosen musical genres.
To release more music on a like minded labels

To release more alums independently
To present a regular club nights

2.)Beatmongers(no "the") Is a university student from Michigan who makes beats and was instrumental in the launching of www.dropmagazine.com. His other aliases include "Richard Raw" and "Alex the Beatmonger".
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