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Genie There are at least three artists called "Genie":

1) Korean artist, with "I Do", I Am Sam OST.

2). Born in Los Angeles but raised in San Francisco the genie is an avant-garde guitarist, performer, and musical pioneer best known to audiences for his "Scratch Guitar" shows, a unique performance involving live looping, slide guitar, and beatboxing. In 2002 he made his debut in Montreal Canada at the Montreal DMC Championships and later at the Canadian National DMC Championships. Taking the Montreal music scene by storm he went on to collaborate with Canadian producer, DJ Horg, and recorded his debut CD, The Genie-Rebel Music in 2002. He was immediately signed to Montreal's High Life Music label (HLM), receiving Canadian Distribution. In 2004 he returned to his native San Francisco where his performances immediately drew attention from the local media as he continued to stun audiences with his unique styles. Since that time he has recorded two follow-up CD's, The Genie-Entropic (recorded live in Hawaii) and Aquadry, a collaborative side-project. His music ranges various genres including soul, hip hop, reggae, drum n bass, middle eastern, bossa nova, and jazz and finds fans of every generation, culture, and musical background. Honing his Scratch Guitar show as a full-time performer for the past 5 years has catapulted him to an elite level of performance. In 2007 he was profiled in Guitar Player Magazine (June) and was featured on Current TV in a piece entitled "What is Scratch Guitar" which was voted 1 and aired on national TV in the US and UK. He is currently working on a CD with producer ‘El Diablo’ called “Genie and the Devil”.

3). Genie is a Swedish dance music project that released the single "Little Green Men" under the label Bonnier Music Scandinavia AB in 2001.
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