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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Alex Harvey was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1935.
During the fifties Alex played in many different Jazz bands playing Dixieland Jazz and later skiffle.
In 1959 Alex formed the Alex Harvey Soul Band playing Blues and rock n Roll music. Although a successful stint in Hamburg completed, Alex found it difficult finding recognition with the ‘Soul Band’ and through the second half of the sixties Alex with his brother Les Harvey moved from one group to another until 1969 when he took up as a resident musician in the stage show of ‘Hair’.

In 1972 Alex joined forces with Scottish up and coming rockers ‘Tear Gas’. The band with Alex at the helm changed names to “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band”. The Sensational Alex Harvey Shows were noted for their theatrical content and idiosyncratic style of delivery. The music influences varied greatly. From blues to music hall stage shows.
After years of a punishing stage show and never ending Gig schedules, Alex announced in 1977 that due to back problems he was to retire from the music business.

Following a rare come back tour in Europe Alex died of a heart attack in 1982.

In 1977 after the Band and Alex Harvey parted company with Alex recording the solo Album ‘Loch Ness Monster’ (NB: Not a music album, but a recorded documentary about the fabled monster !), while the band without Alex, recorded ‘Four Play’. Alex and the band came together again in 1978 for a final album 'Rock Drill'. The Band and Alex then parted company again. Alex put together a new band in 1979 to record the album ‘The Mafia Stole My Guitar’. In 1983 Alex's final recording ‘Soldier On The Wall’ (comprised mainly of recordings made pre-SAHB), was posthumously issued. The Band having separated and playing in different Bands re-united in 2004 for a final tour with spot. The band released a live recording 'Zalvation'. Through 2006 the band has continued to play live in Britain with some new dates for 2007. 2006 band members are Max Maxwell filling the vocal spot with original members Zal Cleminson; Guitar, Chris Glen; Bass, Hugh McKenna; Keyboards, and Ted McKenna; Drums

Alex Harvey and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band releases include
• 1972 Framed
• 1973 Next
• 1974 The Impossible Dream
• 1975 Tomorrow Belongs To Me
• 1976 Penthouse Tapes
• 1976 SAHB Stories
• 1978 Rock Drill

Alex Harvey Solo Releases include
• 1977 Alex Harvey Presents The Loch Ness Monster
• 1979 The Mafia Stole My Guitar
• 1983 Soldier On The Wall

Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex Harvey) Include
• 1977 Four play
. 1993 Live in Glasgow (Stevie Doherty vocals)
• 2005 Zalvation
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