Wavorly Wavorly is a christian rock band, which is assembled of college students from Tupelo & Booneville, Mississippi formerly called Freshmen 15. It wasn’t long, though, before vocalist Dave Stovall and bassist Matt Lott caught a grander vision for what their music and purpose could be. A few years of growth and evolution, some line-up changes and a couple hundred shows later, Wavorly bursts onto the national scene with their Flicker Records debut, Conquering The Fear of Flight (in stores nationwide), a sprawling modern rock masterpiece that blends elements of alternative, classic progressive rock, indie-rock and hard rock with highly literate lyrics, a boldly imaginative use of strings and a sublime sense of melody. In the league of other genre-stretching acts like Relient K, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Mae and Switchfoot, Wavorly rocks with heart and mind intact.

Current lineup

Dave - vocals, guitar
Seth - guitar, bgvs
Matt - bass, bgvs
Coon - keys, bgvs
Jaime - drums, bgvs
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