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Lost Bodies

Lost Bodies Lost Bodies was formed back in 1984 by two friends - Thanos & Antonis - in Athens, Greece. About that time they were listening to the 70’s underground scene and experimental music. In 1988 they released two tapes that had great appreciation on the alternative radio stations of those days. After a few years of moving and trying to find the "meaning of life" a friend of them had the brilliant idea of releasing their early stuff. 1997. Then, one cd after the other... they are now up to 6 and there’s more on the way. The live line up is Thanos on vocals, George on guitar and vocals, Mihalis (1) guitar, Mihalis (2) bass, Harry drums and Theodore on the synths, laptops and trombone. Not many lives take place, perhaps three or four a year.

Influences: Punk, post-punk, underground, electronica, experimental, rock, industrial, dada, classic, trip-hop, traditional, etc...


Zoi (1997)
Mavro Sitari (1999)
Genetika Kathari (2000)
Ypotropi (2002)
Pasa Archi Pafsato (2003)
Brutal (2006)

More info at:
http://www.myspace.com/lostbodies and http://lostbodies.gr/
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