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Warm Dust

Warm Dust Warm Dust is an early 1970s jazz rock combo featuring Paul Carrack and Les Walker.

They released their debut album And It Came To Pass on the small Trend label and the double vinyl was a small tour-de-force (all things considered for a debut effort) with long compositions, thought-provoking lyrics and plenty of instrumental interplay, including sax, flute, organ, guitars etc…. Their second (conceptual) album released the following year is a frightening recount of the horrors of war and remains their most even album and usually pointed by connoisseurs as their best. It came out in Germany under a different name (Peace For Our Times) on the BASF label. Their last self-titled album with a striking whale artwork is mostly remembered for the sidelong suite blind boy, a stunning full-blown progressive track, which remains their crowning achievements.
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