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Enter The Text

Enter The Text Some might want to call it a rock duo.
The project was started in 2012 by only Mickey Devall (vocals) and Simply Tony (guitar) who remain the only permanent members of the band, suported by a session muscians team. Enter The Text have never been helped by third party composers, lyricists, sponsors, etc. As well, the founders have never worked with any recording label.

The main idea of the Enter The Text's music is keeping the sound as "real" as possible. Thus the tracks don't have any electronic parts or significantly distorting effects. Enter The Text's songs are sometimes different in style, which makes it harder to think about one-style philosophy of the band, however, as can be read in its name, every song suggests a certain message to listeners.

Enter The Text is based in Russian Federation but its members come from multiple places.

In December 2013 Enter The Text released their debut EP containing three tracks ("Party Up", "Freaky Dreams" and "Feeling"). The EP is currently distributed online only and the first band's album is to be released in spring 2014.
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