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DevaMachine DevaMachine is a gothic industrial electronica band founded in Tampa, Florida by Deva Preiss and Machine Vile in 1998. The band currently consists of: Deva Preiss (vocals), Machine Vile (guitar, programming, keys and samples), Alien XXX (theramin and air synth), and Lillith Vain (bass). Former members include: Mykill Mayhem (keys and guitar), Talon Blacque (drums) and Suicide Regalia (bass).

Born out of an open mic night at the Liar's Club in Tampa, Florida, DEVAMACHINE was banded together to create a unique and original wall of noize.

With Lead Singer DEVA weaving horny and ethereal tales of vampirism, lust and sorrow to the original musical creations of the one and only MACHINE and borrowing the talents of SUICIDE REGALIA on Bass, MYKILL MAYHEM on Keys and ALIENXXX, who brought an undeniable spark to the band's sound with his Theremin and Air Synth; a planned 2 song open mic practice became a real rehearsal that led to a real set and the musicians became a real band!!!

The open mic night was replaced with a real show and more club dates were booked the night of the opening performance.

The original line up of DEVAMACHINE was made up of a very ecclectic group of characters. DEVA with her love for Dirt Rock, Blues and Ballads, was actually the lead singer of a Punk Rock Band in L.A. MACHINE and SUICIDE had been playing in Heavy Metal Bands together since they were knee high to boweevels. MYKILL MAYHEM is an accomplished Metal Guitarist and songwriter, who had just been snatched up by the ever fabulous SISTER KILL CYCLE and ALIENXXX had been a DJ in D.C. and a master at creating his own original works of Electro Noize. Somehow, the union of these souls proved to be a formula that worked and from a 2 song open mic practice, a demo was born.

Suicide has since moved on to pioneer the frontiers of domestic bliss ; ) while Mykill Mayhem continues to rock crowds throughout the nation as lead guitarist for Sister Kill Cycle.

The current line up includes Deva on Vox : ) Machine on Guitar : ) Alienxxx on Theremin and Air Synth : ) and Lillith Vain on Bass : )

Since the original production of the demos was a bit of a rushed production, we do intend to reformulate them, so please pardon their current state. They still ROCK much ASS!!! ; )

We invite you to listen and ENJOY!!!
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