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Senium The 12-track collection of Grunge-Rock anthems was recorded and mixed at Electrical Audio, the Chicago-based studio owned and operated by the divine musical being that is Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac, contributor to Sub Pop 100 compilation, and original producer of Nirvana’s In Utero).

Every track on Such Progress has its sleek hook that sinks in deep, fastening itself to the listener’s mind like a leash clenched by McNicholas, who yanks the chain forward with every slash of his six-string, forcing heads to bang and fists to thrust up toward the heavens in celebration that Grunge-Rock didn’t disperse on that gray Tuesday that was April 5th, 1994…check out a cut from the record below and come grab the whole thing on October 28th:

“Original Source” by Senium
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