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Natural Spirit

Natural Spirit At the beginning of 1999 in Chernigov, Ukraine a band SON OF EArTH, which played sympho/black/metal, was created. The members of the band were:

Sergey Mischenko (keyboards)

Oleg Kirienko (guitar, vocal)

Viktor Sen’kov (drums)

Yaroslav Smolko (guitar)

Vlad Stechenko (bass)

On March 7th , 1999, the group gave the first concert in the club KSK together with the following groups: "GODS TOWER", "FLYING", "NOCTURNAL DOMINIUM ". Because of musical disagreements in the group in the summer of 1999 Oleg, Victor and Vlad formed a new sound-project "SPELLCRAFT". Alexandra Sidorenko (keys, vocal) and Jaroslav Smolko (guitar) joined the "SPELLCRAFT" later. Afterwards the name "SPELLCRAFT" was changed for "NATURAL SPIRIT".

The group played in Kiev with groups "Black inquisition ", "FLYING" and others in summer 1999. In Chernigov at Igor Prigorovsky's studio "NATURAL SPIRIT" recorded the first demo-album "Starthrone" which was produced by "MOON RECORDS" (Ukraine) and "The Flaming Arts" (Belarus). The album was sold in edition of 2000 copies.

In 2000 Vlad Stechenko (bass) left the group and the group had to take a session bass-guitarists for the concerts. Within that year the group successfully performed in many cities in Belarus and Ukraine.

In spring 2002 the group stopped the concert activity for one year and a half , recording the second album "Русколунь" at Igor Prigorovsky's new studio. In a year, by summer 2003 the album was ready. Alexander Sidorenko (vocal, keys) and Jaroslav Smolko (guitar) brought the significant contribution to group creativity, but, unfortunately, they left the group after finishing the recording.

In October, 2003 the band got some new members:

Oleg Kirienko (guitar, vocal)

Vasily Reberg (guitar)

Andrey Moiseenko (bass)

Elena Bilyk (keys, vocal)

Victor Senkov (drums)

In spring 2004 Sergey Kirichenko, the old friend to group, came instead of Vasily Reberg. Before that Sergey had taken part in the band concerts as a session musician.

In September, 2004 the album "Русколунь" was published as a limited edition at the group expence. There is no declared video "Vladimir" on the disk so as in this case the official registration of a clip would take too much time. This annoying trouble was corrected on the “More Hate prods” release.

In winter 2005 the agreement with the Russian label " More Hate prods " was reached, and the remastered album " Русколунь" was published by the "More Hate prods" with additions (video "Vladimir" and a demo-variant of a new song "Abort") in summer 2005. Approximately during the same period (spring-summer 2005) Elena Bilyk, Andrey Moiseenko, Sergey Kirichenko left the group.

In July, 2005 Jaroslav Smolko (guitar) returned to the band, and Sergey Vlasov (keys) with Julia Shevchenko (vocal) were invited also. As the updated structure Natural Spirit performed on the festival “Metal Heads Mission 2005” (Evpatoria) and “Shake Your Head Fest” (Kiev).

For today the “Natural Spirit” band consists of:

Oleg Kirienko - guitar, vocal

Danil Komornikov - guitar

Vadim Mushchenko - bass

Ivan Popov - keyboard

Andrey Goncharenko - drums

Katerina Prischepa - vocal.

Now the band is working in studio recording the third album which is expected to be finished up to the end of February 2008.

In 2007 the band played at various festivals and actions in Kiev, Illichevsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Chernigov.

During its history the group played on the same stage with the following bands: BEHEMOTH , GODS TOWER, SKYFORGER, BUTTERFLY TEMPLE, Мастер, ARKONA, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, NAPALM DEATH etc.

for more infomation about Natural: http://naturalspirit.com.ua
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