Thorn1 Thorn1 begins in late 2005 in the Altai region of Russia by Evgeny Zheyda as a way for realizing his musical ideas outside of his post-grunge band Partisani (rus. Партизаны). Starting his new project based around melodic electronic compositions, Evgeny discarded his previous musical experiences and began to explore the sound space, to analyze the structure of musical influence on human consciousness from the ground up.

The first mini-album Noises (2006) is a result of his sound experiments; dirty digital noise, like the audio drugs & i-dosing that would become popular years later. At the same time an unnamed release (later titled Early Recordings '06) was distributed among friends. The album consisted of soft melodious tracks and sharply contrasted with the experimental sound of Noises. Thorn1 tended both toward melodic songs and the atonal noise which creates surreal soundscapes, but it was clear that at some point they should be combined.

In early 2008 Thorn1 [EP] was distributed among friends. Interpenetration of melody and noise gave a new turn to Evgeny’s creative work. Neoclassical etudes spiced with the hum of the ice-cold Siberian winds have become the main feature of his music. The EP brought Thorn1 fame among the fans of experimental electronic music in his hometown, but since that time Evgeny Zheyda has distanced himself as a purely electronic artist.

In late 2008 after a some kind of cognitive dissonance Evgeny left Partisani to devote himself to Thorn1. The search for solace resulted in the contradictory So Far as Fast (2010, Silber Records), the first official release of the young artist. The album is filled with funeral hymns, snowstorms, and the freezing breath of solitude. That is how post-gothic, post-apocalyptic is understood in Siberia. In July 2010 in Barnaul the album was presented to the local public as Evgeny’s goodbye to his friends and past life, a few days later he moved to Kiev.

After a half year he returned to Siberia and recorded next album Oblivion (2011, Silber Records). At this point Thorn1 becomes an acoustical drone one-man band. All of tracks was recorded on crap dictophone and then mixed on PC. An atmosphere of handlings and dedications take a part in every song on here.

In 2012 he writes something new, but tries to change his musical paradigm again. He expects to record a new album in autumn, consists of songs of immersion in the inner world and invented universe. Something like that, dudes.

Full Name: Евгений Жейда
Birthdate: 21.12.’87.
Height: 180
Weight: ~73
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