The Rising Of The Son

Rise and Fall of a Decade

Rise and Fall of a Decade Ethereal darkwave/coldwave band with releases on Lively Art and Hyperium.


April 1988 Creation of the band with : Thierry SINTONI, Pierre-François MAURIN-MALET, Sandy CASADO

July 1989 Creation of the "UNITY MITFORD STUDIO"

Sept. 1989 Recording of three titles for the "Unreleased Vol III" compilation

June 1990 Record deal with the label LIVELY ART (NEW ROSE)

Dec. 1990 released of the 1st album

Janv-March 91 Promotion of the LP and interview BEST (major music magazine) Emission "Les Inrockuptibles" BERNARD LENOIR (France Inter, the national French radio)

May 1991 Signature on SINGLE KO (VIRGIN Distribution) Recording of a black session for BERNARD LENOIR (France Inter)

August 1991 Issue of the CD single "Some evenings with Bernard" from the Black Session

August-Sept 91 Production of Tree's dance first LP

October 1991 Appearance on the TV show "Double Jeu" of THIERRY ARDISSON

February 1992 Production of 1st CD Single and 1st LP from Planete Zen

April 1992 Released of the 2nd LP "Noisy but empty"

May 1992 Unplugged session and Interview on radio-show "Les inrockuptibles" with BERNARD LENOIR

September 1992 Production of the 1st LP from Speaking Silence

Sept 92-March 93 Concerts (Colmar, Strasbourg, Nancy, St Malo, Paris) with BEL CANTO, DOMINIQUE A., MOOSE, HIGH LLAMAS)

August 1993 Record deal with the German label "Hypnobeat" (worldwide distribution)

February-March 93 Concerts in Germany (Hamburg with MARC BURGESS (Ex CHAMELEONS) Tour agency in Germany : MEDIA AGENTUR (Sven Affeld)

May 1994 Released of the 3rd LP "You or Sidney" with License to SEMANTIC

June 1994 Promotion of the 3rd LP, acoustic show-cases, unplugged session/Interview with BERNARD LENOIR (France Inter)

July 94-June 1995 Concerts Paris (Arapaho-Passage du Nord Ouest) St Malo ("La route du Rock" with ELECTRAFXION,COMPULSION,J-L MURAT) Rennes (UBU with MARC SEBERG) Liepzig (Allemagne)

April 1995 Release of the 4th LP "UBU REINE" (Live)

Jan 97 Release of the 5th LP “FORGET THE TWENTIETH CENTURY”

March - Dec 1997 Concerts in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Holland)

June 98 Decision to begin a new project called “CUBE_LIKE_PEOPLE” based on Trip-hop rythm and collections of new sounds and experiences

Jan 2001 Release of the 1st LP called “LITTER AND SOUND”

March 2001 - June 2002 Promotion tour and concerts in Europe

Sept 2003 - Sept 2005 New recording of the 6th LP under “Rise and Fall of A Decade” (CD with 7 new songs) + 4 in production and not finished yet

2006 Release of the 6th LP

2007 Concerts in Europe

2008 Compilation of the 6 albums called : “RISE AND FALL OF TWO DECADES”
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