The Hamster

The Hamsters

The Hamsters The Hamsters were a blues-rock/Americana band that were on the road for 25 yearsl. They disbanded on 1 April 2012, exactly 25 years after their formation on 1 April 1987. In total they have performed more than 4,500 concerts with a national mailing list exceeding 20,000.

The Hamsters were Britain's hardest working band, with an insane gig list that most bands would find daunting. The Hamsters have established themselves as the UK's top blues-rock attraction, done purely by hard work without any major record labels, handling all of their own affairs.

Slim has been voted one of the top 100 guitarists of all time in a radio poll on LBC. The Hamsters' reach is beyond the UK: Having visited the USA in '91, they've worked a lot in mainland Europe, and in November '92 performed at three sell-out Jimi Hendrix festivals in Holland, including the most celebrated gig in Europe - the Paradiso, Amsterdam.

The Hamsters are: Slim - Guitar, Singer | Rev. Otis - Drums, Sings a bit | Zsa Zsa - Bass, Sings a bit
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