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Pantheon Legio Musica

Pantheon Legio Musica The band Pantheon Legio Musica comes from Germany and their heart beats to their love for history and ancient times, so they combine industrial and dark folk elements with ancient melodies. They would fit easily as source for a computergame or movie soundtrack (comparisons with the "300" movie soundtrack can be drawn), if someone would be aware of them, but the massive growing circle of friends on myspace shows their way from the darkness into the light. Reviews for their official promo CD were bombastic and so the waiting has begun for the official release of their long anticipated debut album "Per Aspera ad Astra", which is Latin for "on dark paths to the stars". Here on you are the 1st to listen to "Per Aspera ad Astra". The easiest way to contact Pantheon Legio Musica is through their myspace page at

Just a short note of Pantheon Legio Musica, a small independent musician: Please never forget to support the music and the musicians, because only 3-5% of all musicians are rich, around 15 % earn so much that they need no help from the welfare to survive and the rest around 80% will never be able to live from their art. Please keep it in mind.
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