Tet Tet Tet Den Roi


ANDROID ASTEROID Live acoustic instruments breathing together in a hypnotic post Hip-hop groove with minimalistic chords and laid back percussion creating a nu-electronic down tempo sound. Legendary classic analogue synthesizers embraced by a groovy jazz upright and acoustic piano. Atmospheres changing from sunrise above deserted mountains to peacefully dark corners of pre-apocalyptic metropolis. An untraditional use of sounds, noises, vocals and rap. Hip-hop procedures up-upside-down. A flight through a galaxy of one mind. The sound of a gigantic boletus landing softly at your backyard at full moon.

Tomáš Konůpka (drums, synths, vocoder) | Jan Pospíšil (rap)

Featuring: AnnaMaría D´Almeida (Vocal ) | Barbora Kafková (Vocal) | Josef Fečo (Upright) | Viliam Béreš (Piano) | Radimo Výchopeň (Flute) | Miroslav Hloucal ( Trumpet)
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