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Commander Tom

Commander Tom Commander Tom is a German DJ popular for his classic techno single "Are Am Eye?" from 1995. This track makes ample use of the Mentasm sound. Along with numerous remixes, it has been featured on over 80 techno compilation albums and mixes. His later hits included "Eye C Red", "The Vulcan", and most recently, "attent!on/attention!" in 2004, which hit #1 on the German dance music charts. He runs multiple record labels, most notably leading the now-defunct Noom Records nameplate. He has produced various forms of trance and house music under the names Commander Tom, Tom de Luxe, Phantom, Waterhouse, Mandala and Nexus 6.
His hit "Attention!" was sampled from the Tom Novy vs. Eniac 1997 song "Superstar".
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