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Wildstyle Wildstyle got started in music at early age playing drums and dancing in talent shows. He learned to Dee Jay before the age 11 which led to him getting paid to do house parties. By working the turntables all through the rough streets of the Westside of Chicago, Wildstyle made a name for himself as an entertainer.

Shortly after that Wildstyle had an interest in rocking the mic and making beats. Influenced by the growing popularity of hip-hop he started taking his talent more seriously and pursued his career in music after hooking up with fellow group member Kilo and they formed the group Crucial Conflict.

They hit the studio and took the city by storm doing shows everywhere they could, soon they were on their road to stardom. Later on the group added dancers Tone Capone & G-No and developed their rap skills and made them members of the group, they went on to winning 1st place in talent shows city-wide and started a following everywhere they performed.

They auditioned for various events that eventually landed them a recording contract and went on to record their first commercial release EP in ‘92 on a independent label, but the record label dissolved and the group dispersed in good faith.

With a strong desire to make it in the music business Wildstyle continued to do productions and recording, sharpening his craft, working on his solo career but before long original member Kilo rejoined him along with two new members Coldhard & Never. They decided to continue to use the name Crucial Conflict.

They soon started a recorded company called Raw Dope Records with neighborhood friend Shorty Capone. Wildstyle went in the studio and single handedly produced the group's first album, The Final Tic which help land them a major record deal with Pallas / Universal Records.

Their single and LP sold millions of copies topping the Billboard charts worldwide, with a follow up album Good Side Bad Side produced by Wildstyle that sold over 500,0000 copies, Crucial Conflict became legends in Chicago hip hop.

Wildstyle has also produced tracks for artists such as Busta Rhymes and Twista which had multi-platinum success and has worked with many other major artists including R. Kelly, Do or Die, Warren G, DJ Quik, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Bushwick Bill, George Clinton, Da Brat, Lupe Fiasco, GLC and Danny Boy. Wildstyle's has also performed and produced on many soundtracks, such as Rhyme & Reason, Belly, Players Club, Thicker Than Water, Bullworth and How To Be A Player.

Wildstyle pioneered a new sound that had the planet bouncing, setting a trend for today's style of music and now Wildstyle has released his first solo album on his independent label Buckwild Records entitled That Was Then This Is Now. This new album is sure to please all listeners and grab new fans globally. This album displays the growth of Wildstyle as an artist and producer with a variety of soulful energetic beats, lightening fast rhymes with a superb delivery, passion , substance and lyrical content that takes hip-hop to another level.
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