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Tallulah Rendall ’lay me down’ (transducer). Must take some beating being told you have a ’wonderful voice’ by none other than Shirley Bassey - with that kind of acclaim you’d suspect most artists would happily retire and spend the ensuing years solely trading on that moment sealing morsel. Not Tallulah Rendall this London based songstress has set up her own label so as to keep her music out of the thumb twiddling unit chasing bandwagon jumping controlling freaks that you and I lovingly refer to as major labels. A handful of releases already in the hands of those of the clued up record buying cognoscenti and an album in the shape of ’Libellus’ currently doing the rounds which we suspect we’ll have to nail as our own just so that we can get a peaceful nights sleep safe in the knowledge that its within easy reach of our hi-fi. Clearly freefalling in the vapour trails left by the likes of Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Regina Spektor, Rendall is clearly touched with a rare and exquisite sense of artistry, both playfully tender and primed with a sense of theatre and classicism much like a youthful Kate Bush, ’lay me down’ is clipped with an eerie enchantment, both demurring and demanding yet spellbinding and sultry, the torch like treatments throughout abridged and sweetly countered by an innate passion that swirls with a subtle though hitherto intoxicating tide rushing dramatic tension - and apologies for ruining the mood so far but it just has to be said - its as horny as hell. Those wanting to hear more - and we strongly suspect you do want more - are advised to head forthwith over to www.myspace.com/tallulahrendall and fill your boots with the near divinely siren-esque ethereal folk rocking ’only you’.
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