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sXmatron sXmatron is a common name that collects several studio and live projects that draw musicians from the same pool of former high-school friends and relatives based in Modena, in northern Italy.
The first live incarnation of the band performed in 1998, while the latest performed in 2007 after the release of their cd "Ultima Perversione".

Currently the band is at the early stage of composing a new album, that is due for end of 2009 or early 2010.


* Sine Nomine (1996, private demos)
* Modena-Roma (1997, private demos)
* Grazie (1997, private demos)
* Spermadent (1998, private demos)
* Tractor Spares Limited (1999, private demos)
* Babe (1999, live)
* A ges anuit aff! (2001, studio demos)
* il Dolce Bianco (2003, studio album)
* Flamingjupiterslongdistancerun (2004, live ep)
* Ultima Perversione (2007, studio album)

Giulio Caroletti, bass guitar & vocals
J "Erik" C Hunter, vocals, keyboards & recorder
Oreste "Lo Faccio" Teoli, vocals & guitars

Mauro Bertani, keyboards & vocals (2005.2006)
Marco Caradonna, guitars & drums (1996-1997; 2004)
Antonio Ciaravello, guitars (1997-2000)
Emiliano della Casa, guitars & vocals (2005-present)
Enrico Fiorani, drums (1999-present)
Jean Claude Gomez, drums (2006-2007)
Enrico Ricci, electric percussion (1996-1998)
Denis Tesselli, vocals & guitars (1997)
the Night Watch, bass guitar & keyboards (2001-2002; 2004-2005)
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