Superfighters Deluxe


Monodeluxe Monodeluxe is the Italian producer, Alessandro Oliviero. Born in 1968, he was lucky to spend his teenage years immersed in the Disco and P-Funk music of the time. In those days his favoured sound was R&B and Funk music, such as George Clinton, the SOS Band, Fadback etc. Due to these musical influences, Monodeluxe's style is bound to the very essence of Funk and R&B sounds melded with modern NuJazz and Chillout. Monodeluxe strives to be original, avoiding déjàvu sounds. He hopes to reach people through heartfelt emotions and finger-licking grooves. He loves to be deep and his favourite styles are Deep House & Jazzy House with some futuristic sound-touch, Nujazz & Nusoul, 70's Funk, also Brazilian NuBossa breaks. These are the main elements that he Olivero works with. Monodeluxe's main aim is to achieve a unique sound in order to satisfy the audience -- and his soul -- too.
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