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Injustice Injustice were a death metal band formed in Brooklyn, New York sometime in 1987 who most noteably featured Bill Braunstein on vocals/bass and Ron Braunstein on guitar, both who respectfully today are hardcore rappers under the names Ill Bill and Necro.

The band has released two demos : The Cursed Earth Demo, 1989 and Inhuman Conditions Demo, 1990.

Injustice has opened for such big acts like Obituary, Napalm Death, and Sepultrua within Brooklyn, New York shows.

The band broke up because apparently, they've never received the exposure or popularity they've anticipated over the years. Plus, the two aformentioned band members above went on to become rappers because they always had a respect for hip hop and rap music. Ill Bill was apart of the hip hop group Non-Phixion and Necro runs the underground hardcore rap label Psychological Records. Both still do have some involvement and collaborations with metal music and musicians up to this day within their rap careers.
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