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Serdce Serdce is a death metal band from Minsk, Belarus. The band was formed in 1997.

In the winter of 1997, the first demo “My Eyes” was recorded. Later on in 1999 Nik (lead guitars, vocal) had decided to relocate to Minsk and formed a new band. In 2001 still having no name for the band they recorded a new demo. In 2002, Serdce booked studiotime at X-Noise Factory studio in Minsk and recorded their debut album titled "Aritmiya”, which was later released by ART Classic Company. In 2003 Nik and Andrew D. (drums) started writing new material for the next album “Cyberly”. It was released by Metal Agen / Soyuz Records, a major Russian label that also re-released “Aritmiya”.

In 2006, Serdce was ready for new studio sessions. With a new member Oleg Kreslavski (keyboards) who joined the band they started recording at “X-Noise Factory” for a new album called “The Alchemy of Harmony”. “The Alchemy of Harmony” was released near the end of 2009 and was critically acclaimed.

In 2014 they signed with finnish label Blood Music, and their fourth album Timelessness was released on June 17th, 2014.
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