Silhouette 1) Silhouette ( is a Dutch progressive rock band from the Utrecht area, founded in 2003 and signed to Progress Records. Their sound is similar to bands from the second wave of progressive rock, such as IQ, Pendragon, Marillion and Pallas

They have released these albums:
2014: Beyond the Seventh Wave
2012: Across the Rubicon
2009: Moods
2007: A-Maze

2) Silhouette is the perfect enigmatic alias of a passionate Northern Irish 22 year old girl whose main focus creatively is to inspire, touch and mend the hearts of anyone who is drawn in to listen. Their current single Can't Keep Up is featured in Northern Ireland's current advertising campaign.

3) [,silu:'et] (a.k.a. Silhouette) is a Synth Prog Metal band from Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Brought together by the strange flows of music matter and magnetic addiction to creating sounds deep in the autumn of 2004. The band finally gets everything together in the middle of summer of 2008 and releases the seven-track EP filled with dark moods and ethereal matters. At the moment new songs are being written and rehearsed.

4) Swedish jazz group SiLHOUETTE was founded in the spring of 2008, when Christina and Fredrik met at a party, where both of them were playing, but not together. Christina heard Fredrik practicing the beautifiul Lars Gullin tune “Silhouette”, she joined in, and the band was born ! SILHOUETTE plays music in the spirit of the late great Swedish barytine player and composer Lars Gullin - some of Gullins tunes, some of their own compositions, and other songs that fit into that beautiful melancholy Scandinavian mood.

5) Silhouette singer from Leeds, UK who led the now defunct The Ivories. Helena Gee was her original name but was changed in order to distance herself from thinking that she was just another “singer-songwriter” female musician.

6) Silhouette is Turkish Doom Metal Band. They recorded one demo album on 2003. It’s called “Never Ending Voices”. And their new track “Inertia” is free on

7) Silhoutte was a Norwegian girl pop group.
Kari-Mette Aamodt, Siri Lenning Frømyhr and Nina Bayer was the choir for Jahn Teigen under The Eurovision Song Contest 1983.
In 1984 performed Silhoutte George Kellers and Philip Kruses «A-Oa-Oa-Oa» and became one of the big favorites in the Norwegian pre-selection. They got 42 points, only 3 points behind the winner "Lenge leve livet" by Dollie De Luxe.
«A-Oa-Oa-Oa» became a big hit in Norway.
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