Taher Yarveysi

Taher Yarveysi Taher Yarveysi was born in 1940 in Gahvare city in the Kermanshah province. During his early childhood he began to learn the tanbour maqams from his first master the legendary Tanbour player and maker, Changiz Farmani (Gahvareh) -the grand father of the famous tambour maker Ostad Asadollah Gahvareh. In order to excel his knowledge, Taher then attended lessons by the most notable Tanbour master Ostad Seyyed Vali Hosseyni.
Taher Yarveysi is not only the most notable Tanbour player from Guran, the oldest region of the tanbour tradition is also the most recognised Ahle Haqq Maqam singer.
Taher Yarveysi has taken part in several music festivals in Iran and abroad.
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