The Mutato Muzika Orchestra

The Mutato Muzika Orchestra Mutato Muzika is a music production company composed of Devo members Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale as well as non-Devo personnel Albert Fox and Josh Mancell. Although Mutato Muzika is rather obscure, they are developing a cult following, made up mainly of veteran Devo fans.

They mostly compose music for commercials, though they have written the music for several computer games, most notably the Crash Bandicoot series and The Sims 2. The group also released the promotional album Joyeux Mutato.

As member Mark Mothersbaugh is a film composer, Mutato Muzika are often credited on his films for music/score recording. In most cases, either Mothersbaugh, Fox, Mancell, or Casale composes the music and then they collaborate to record it.
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