Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel began as Hotel, Hotel but decided to drop the comma once they signed to Silber (

In the summer of 2005, the band began as two violins, two guitars, and one drummer. Initially, birthed as a side project from the Texas collective CAN(d/t)A, Hotel Hotel quickly took a more serious turn. Standard are twenty-minute epics of mounting drone guitar as eerie violin leads echo over the money beat.

By that same winter, HH had toured Texas and recorded it's first album in a old haunted house in Austin, Texas. The summer of 2006 saw them touring the UK with long time british mates: Revenge of Shinobi (now: Hind Ear). April 2007 saw a USA east coast tour, again with the RoS. After a year and a half of band line-up changes, living in different states, and a variety of other dramatic changes; they completed their second album, The Sad Sea, in November 2008.

Touring in the summer of 2009 saw the return of the original drummer, evan caverninha, but now on bass, caverninha had been missing since april 2007, and it's still unclear as to what happened during that time. After the tour, the band went directly into the studio beginning work on their third studio album.

Hotel Hotel has shared the stage with: Arms and Sleepers, Audra, Balmorhea, Bella Lune, The Calm Blue Sea, Chief Rival, Florene, Gifts From Enola, Irepress, Jookabox, Lycia, Lymbyc Systym, Millions, My Education, Northern Valentine, Emil Rapstine, Remora, Revenge Of Shinobi, Salesman, Sleep Whale, This Will Destroy You, Unwed Sailor.
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