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Melhem Barakat

Melhem Barakat Melhem Barakat (Arabic: ملحم بركات), a Lebanese singer, was born in 1944 in Kafr Chima, Lebanon.

Melhem Barakat grew up with the sound of legendary Egyptian composer and singer Mohamed Abdelwahab. Still a child, Melhem showed a special talent while singing in school parties. One day, he composed a text from the school journal and sang it first before his classmates and teachers who appreciated a lot his performance and then before leader names of Lebanese musical scene who affirmed he was an exceptional talent and a charming voice.

Melhem Barakat career was a series of successes. His best works were “Amarine”, “Abouha Radi”, “Farah Ennass” and “Habibi Inta”.

Later on, he entered the prestigious Rahbani school that married western classical and folk music with old Lebanese traditional gigs and gave birth to numerous outstanding artists.
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