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Eddy Huntington

Eddy Huntington Eddy aka Edward Huntington was born on the 29th October 1965 in Peterlee/North East of England. His music career started at school, where he was learning violin and oboe, however it was not classical music that draw Eddy's atention. He loved artists like Eurythmics, Phil Collins and most of all - Cliff Richard.
At 18 he left home and started working in London's Pineapple Dance Studios as a model. Thanks to this, he was proposed by Baby's Record to sing "U.S.S.R", which turned out to be one of the most succesfull Italo Disco hit in 1986. Two years later he released an album "Bang Bang Baby", continuing with concerts. In the beginning of ninetees, after his son James was born, he decided to settle down and started to teach children at school. Married second time in 2001 with Lois, left England to start a new life in Thailand.
Although he left his musical career, but still loves to sing, giving concerts from time to time (Holland, Poland, Mexico, Russia).


USSR (1986)
Up & Down (1987)
Meet my Friend (1987)
May Day (1988)
Bang Bang Baby (1988)
Physical Attraction (1988)
Shock in My Heart (1989)
Hey Senorita (1990)
Future Brain

"Bang Bang Baby" (released as "Hey Senorita" in some coutries)
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