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Clip Clip is the name of more than one artist:
1) US metal
2) US rapper
3) UK techno producer Alan C. Hill
4) Canadian rapper
5) breakcore

Also see 'Clip and Clip!

1) Hailing from what many consider to be the epicenter of metal in the United States, CLIP is a band that isn't a stranger to challenges. Having formed in 1999, the band has had their share of conquests and struggles. But what hasn't killed them has only made the band stronger. Fast forward to 2008. CLIP is hard at work with a new sound assault and is ready to prove to metal fans everywhere what new england metal is all about. It takes a lot of determination and general badassery to stand out in an area that brought the world so many top tier metal bands. Acts such as Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, All that Remains, and many others all call Western Massachusetts home. Now a new band is about to secure their place on top. Enter CLIP. A fire hot 5 piece metal band that is set to burst into the scene, and much like their metal brothers before them, are gearing up to sucker punch fans in the face with a musical assualt like no other. With the much anticipated release of their 2nd studio Album, "EPIDEMIC", CLIP is stepping up to the plate to make a name for themselves in western Massachusetts and the metal world alike. The time is now. Brace yourselves for the new sound of metal. THIS. IS. CLIP.
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