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Riccardo Campa

Riccardo Campa Riccardo Campa is an eclectic artist, playing different instruments and different genre of music.
Before starting his solo career, he has recorded music and performed with several bands, by playing guitars, bass, keyboards and singing. In particular he has been the frontman of the pop-rock band Charisma, new wave band The Nightfall, and of the swing-jazz group La Banda.
His personal research is always directed to merge rock, electronics and melody. He sings both in Italian and English. As a result of this eclecticism, in his repertoire one can find songs that range from italo pop to disco music, from new wave to prog rock. However, he is mostly known for his "italo disco" production, and especially for songs like "Another day", "Madness", "Desperado", and "Casanova" (all released by Flashback Records).
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