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Dellamorte Dellamore

Dellamorte Dellamore The year is 2005. Go to almost any hardcore show in Madrid and you'll notice something: the best bands are from somewhere else. A group of friends decided that they wanted to see what they could do to change that.... And so Dellamorte Dellamore was born.

Inspired by Throwdown, Hatebreed and others, they wanted to stick to an older style of hardcore, especially because they were already playing in other bands of different styles withing the genre, namely Another Kind Of Death and Trailerpark Genocide. All that was missing, after they had started to write songs, was a name. And serendipity helped, when their friend Mario brought a copy of his new DVD, Dellamorte Dellamore, to practice one day. At last they had found a proper name. Once this was solved, they set up to record an early demo, which, thanks to broken hard drives, missed appointments and the like, was never officially released. (which might have been not such a bad thing after all)

With the, ultimately to be never released demo behind them, it was time to play as many shows as possible, and oh boy did they. Go It Alone, Allegiance, L'Esprit Du Clan, Arkangel, No Turning Back, Adrift, The Eyes, Ictus, Sound Of Silence, Cinder, The Band Apart are just some of the bands they were lucky to play with through the journey of becoming a real band. Once the mandatory number of burnt to the ground venues, broken down vans, cold gym floors slept on, shirts printed and new friends made was reached... it was time to think about recording a proper record.

In 2007, they entered Sadman Studios with Carlos Santos, along with a big group of friends to provide backing vocals, to record their debut record (after all... what good is a hardcore record without a bunch of misfits screaming their heart out thrown in for good measure), which highlighted the increasing depth of their songwriting and featured their finalized lineup of Harek, Alvaro, Carlos, Victor and Araña. After some setbacks and delays that brought in dark memories of the unrealeased demo, they've finally released their record in February 2008 and that's only the start of what's to come.
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