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Equilibrio Vital

Equilibrio Vital Equilibrio Vital was born in Maracay, Venezuela, with the following members: Marcos Chacón (lead guitar), Jaime Moroldo (fine arts), Carlos Serga (guitar) and Guillermo González (bass, flute, guitar). In June 1980, they decided to begin with this big project.

In October 1980 Elena Prieto joined the group (voice, literary arts, theater and dance). In May 1981 Norma Figuera (literary arts) Aracely Ramírez (fine arts), and Arnoldo Serga printed the shirts with the first logo of Equilibrio Vital. In August of the same year Laureano Rangel (drums) joined the group.

Equilibrio Vital signed with Color for their first record production in 1983, that was called "Equilibrio Vital". In December of the same year they took part in the filming of the first movie about Venezuela rock called: "Rock Venezolano" where Equilibrio Vital performed with the following bands: Témpano , Resistencia and La Misma Gente, among others.

In 1984 they recorded their second album, again with Color, under the name "Kazmor el Prisionero". It included songs in a experimental style that even though was explored from the first days of the band, it was never presented neither to the public nor to the record company. Both the cover and the back cover, just like the first one were, Jaime Moroldo's work.

In 1984 Trina Noguera (dance) joined the group.

In 1986 a new member joined the group: Maximino Suárez, in the keyboards, rhythmic guitar and backing vocals.

In 1987, the band signed contract with Top Hit, for the production or their third album. In 1988, Carlos left the group.

In 1990 Marilú Calandriello joined the band, as part of the management. Also at that year, they recorded their fourth album, including the sax in it, which was played by Guillermo. This work was broadcasted by different radio stations from Caracas and main cities of Venezuela. After this, Elena, Norma, Laureano y Trina left the group.

In 1993 Marco Fatone joined the band in order to substitute Laureano, but left a year later. In 1995 Arnoldo also left, and Jorge Luis Ayala(drums) joined the group.

In 1997 Maximino, Marilú and Jorge Luis left the group.

In 1999, Equilibrio Vital decided produce a new album, seeking to show a range musical styles that goes from ballads to the experimental side, because the band feels that music is the utmost expression of the soul and shouldn't be hidden, since every song is the result specific moment and different experiences faced by the band members. It, includes, as usual, Jaime and Aracely's works, and literary thoughts of the members of the group. In April, Fernado Salas (drums) joins the band. In july, Jorge Lieschtenstein joins the band to substitute Fernando. In 2000 Endgork Moroldo (keyboards, graphic design) joined the band. In 2001 Jorge Luis Ayala (drums) joins the band to substitute Lieschtenstein. On December 29, Marcos passed away.

In 2002 they took part in the concert of Premiata Formeria Marconi (Caracas)

In 2003 Musea re-edited the first record production, that was called: Equilibrio Vital "Tributo a Marcos Chacón"

In 2004 they took part in the Bajaprog festival.

In 2006 Musea re-edited the second record production, that was called: Kazmor el Prisionero, with five bonus tracks recorded between 2002 and 2005.

At present we are working in a totally new album, this production will possibly be called "Retorno" ..

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