Noora Noor

Noora Noor

Noora Noor Noora Noor or Noora (born July 8, 1979) is a Norwegian neo soul singer. She is often noted as Norway's Queen of Soul.

Noora releases her third album "Soul Deep" around Europe in 2010. The album was released in Norway in 2009 and gave Noora the Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist.

Noora started on her musical journey performing locally from the age of 8. She got a recording contract with Warner Music as their A&R spotted her at only 15. She began working with Stargate to make her first album. The outcome of the album launched Stargate´s international career as producers.

Her debut album 'Curious,' was released in 1999 and became one of the first real Scandinavian R&B albums. The single "Need You" was also played constantly on "The Lick" on MTV. Curious became a success also in Japan with more than 50 000 sales. It took some time before we saw release of her second album "All I Am" in 2004, as Noora became seriously ill.

Noora's third album was titled "Soul Deep". The album takes Noora back to the roots of soul music and is more a Stax sound than Motown. The album was produced by guitarvirtuoso Kid Andersen in San Jose, California. Her reviews for the record in Norway were top of the dice with 6/6 in VG - Norway's largest daily newspaper.

Noora is busy recording her new album Spring 2012.

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Curious (1999)
All I Am (2004)
Soul Deep (2009)

Need You (1999)
What About Love (1998)
Gloria, A Thousand Years Night (1998)
Need You (1999)
Official (1999)
Something To Remember (2000)
Zeros (2004)
God Damn (2004)
Feelin´it (2007)
Forget What I Said (2009)
Funky Way (2009)
Gone with the wind (2011)
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