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Arthemesia ArthemesiA was a melodic black metal band from Helsinki, Finland - featuring several members from the Finnish Extreme Metal scene (including famous Jari Mäenpää, ex-Ensiferum and Wintersun frontman), Arthemesia formed in 1994, working their way up the ladder via a couple of demos before their 2001 debut release, Devs - Iratvs.

In 2009 they released their second full-length album, a.O.a, or Alpha Omega Alpha. Musically it strays from their first album, with traditional heavy metal, (melodic) black metal, black 'n' roll, darkwave and jazz all playing a part in the arrangements, whilst still keeping an aggressive black metal front. Lyrically, the album deals with speculative topics such as the microcosm, the macrocosm, nature, introspection, Luciferian satanism, genocide, and the position of the ideas of Alpha and Omega in some of the above. It is regarded as being an awesome album.

ArthemesiA is no longer active. Split-up as of October 6th, 2010.
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